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Natural Sparkling Blue Zircon Earrings

Natural Sparkling Blue Zircon Earrings

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These sterling silver stud earrings feature approximately 0.75 cts of stunningly blue Cambodian Zircon gemstones. Now, I want you to know, these are Natural Zircon gemstones!  Zircon is an amazingly shiny stone and found in nature and in mines in spots all over the globe. 

This is definitely not the man made, confusingly named material called "Cubic Zirconia".  

These are real, natural and brilliantly blue stones!

Each stone is just a bit larger than 5mm in diameter and weighs approximately 7/8 of a carat each. These Zircons are a 100% natural mined stone.  They are the perfect size, color and sparkle for earrings!  

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